Decentralized Fintech Infrastructure for Teams, DAOs, NGOSs, Guilds and Communities

How the ecosystem works

Crypto startups, DAOs, crowdfunding orgs generally are cross border teams. Someone pays and takes funds into a Web3 wallet on behalf of the Team. A few members manage funds with a MultiSig wallet like gnosis but it’s not a truly decentralized wallet. Other members, not legally bound, have no option but to trust one another. Someone from the team gives liquidity to the project token and gets a portion of the fee in the wallet. All Web3 projects have crypto tokens to raise funds but have no solution to automate profit sharing to contributors. Their Token Community cant review how projects spend their funds. Exchanges & Fundraising launchpads help teams raise funds but send raised cryptos in any wallet given by the team. All projects have crypto tokens to raise funds but have no solution to automate profit sharing to contributors.

Equinox Business, is an integrated ecosystem of several Fintech dApps built on our own protocols. Audited also by InterFi Network. The project is more inclined towards facilitating team’s to perform financial operations with ease and at the same time opens up the data for the team’s community to review . Every project, fund, organization or company has profit motive and or finance involved in operations. With Equinox Business, our primary aim is to improve the use cases of common crypto currencies and build Fintech dApps for teams, DAOs and Organizations (legally wrapped) around blockchain technology. Beta Version includes a Decentralized team wallet, DAO token minter, ICO swap to raise seed capital and a Dedicated DEX for DAO tokens. All dApps work in an integrated manner. For instance, If team is minting DAO token with Token minter, It prompt the deployer to send it immediately to Team wallet, If you have raised funds with ICO swap the funds would be credited into Team Wallet and If you give liquidity to DAO token to list on DEX the liquidity would come from Team Wallet and fee credits in Team wallet. Teams can create a Team operated On-chain Wallet to manage assets. It is governed by an Isolated Wallet Contract created while deployment. All team members are involved in each transaction. Teams can add or remove members also. Community can review team approvals/disapprovals on transaction aggregators like BSCSCAN. Teams can raise funds from the community against their token and funds credits in the DAO Treasury after the ICO period. 50% get locked for another 3 Months to review team performance. Teams can list their tokens on dedicated DEX and liquidity will be given from DAO Treasury. Fee share credits directly into DAO Treasury. Teams can give back benefits to its token holders and can transform a simple crypto token into decentralized equity.

So, In this way, the platform can be used as a team wallet solution and/or the teams can use all dApps in an integrated environment.

Till March 2022 there are more than 10,000 crypto currencies and hence the project teams in the world. There are more than 300,000 International NGOs, and millions of startups worldwide. Collective value of all DAOs in the world stands out at $13 B. Presently, almost all cryptos are only trading instruments. Some projects like in GameFi are innovating the space by incorporating it at application layer and incentivising their platform tokens holders through P2E, rewards, staking and farming and some are allowing their use cases to extend into buying and selling virtual stuffs like In-game gears and credits.

With Equinox Business, we are building a Fintech ecosystem of several dApps whereby teams can manage their assets and decentralize financial operations.

So, Our first user type would be these web3 projects, crowdfunding orgs, DAOs & startups in crypto friendly nations. We will offer them to start with Team Wallet. In this way all team members can collectively control the project’s assets and the project’s community can see how the funds are getting used by simply reviewing the Team wallet address, voting proposals, transaction proposals, asset movement over

Secondly, we will offer fresh Web3 projects on BNB smart chain to use the entire ecosystem or several dApps such as Team Wallet, Token minter, ICO swap and DEX.

Thirdly, We will target International NGOs to use Team wallet for crowdfunding for various projects with a unique token which can be created with the platform itself.

Fourthly, We will target conventional startups, companies, organizations in crypto friendly nations to use the ecosystem.

How Ecosystem Works ?
Someone being a Deployer takes wallet addresses of team members, connect metamask wallet, does KYC, enters Email OTPs taken from other team members and proceeds for Treasury deployment.

  1. The Deployer’s web3 wallet interacts with DAO Protocol and first creates a DAO Treasury. (Require 100 App tokens in web3 wallet and need to send this to DAO treasury after treasury deployment to access and use the ecosystem). The Owner of Treasury entitled to the newly created DAO Treasury wallet address.
  2. The DAO Treasury is collectively controlled by a team. Can send and receive BEP20 and ERC20 cryptos. Members can add or remove members. Community can review transactions & team votes on bscscan.
  3. Any of the members can mint DAO’s token but need to send it immediately to the DAO Treasury for joint control on its movement.
  4. Any member can connect its wallet with protocol and can initiate a proposal to raise seed capital against DAO’s token but all members need to approve the transaction to list DAO’s token on Unified ICO Swap to raise funds. 50% Credits to DAO Treasury after ICO Period and 50% gets locked for another 3 months for performance reasons.
  5. All team members need to approve the liquidity transaction to list its token on Enterprise DEX. fee collected directly into DAO Treasury.
  6. Teams can allow their token holders to stake their holding and can distribute dividend through Dividend dispenser to stakers in realtime in 30, 60, 90, 180, 360 days cycles.




A blockchain platform for Business Enterprises to automate processes, manage projects & teams and to allow investors to participate in governance. #EQX

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Equinox Business

Equinox Business

A blockchain platform for Business Enterprises to automate processes, manage projects & teams and to allow investors to participate in governance. #EQX

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